Tuesday, December 7, 2010


To trust my words indicates to all that you are entrusting  wisdom.   You are now trusting wisdom to guide you through fraught behaviours and reactions.  For trust is courage, courage is fortitude and fortitude is intention to grow up and beyond that where you have been planted on earth.
Wisdoms that create rejection in you, is your outer self, your non-wisdom self, your environmentally- controlled self refuting that which you are hearing.  You deny, criticise and refute the wisdoms indicating to all that you are choosing to stay at the level in which you were planted on earth.  You react with denial and criticism, refuting that which you have read because to embrace the wisdoms would require trust, courage and fortitude.  These strengths require energy.  But you feel replete of energy and strength.   But as you react negatively to that which you read, you create negative energy and negative strength.
View all you read, hear and see with interest, integrity and intent.  For with intention, you grow.
This wisdom is wisdom in itself.  Athena.

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