Sunday, August 1, 2010


My words of wisdom, friend, are the beginnings of your new thought processes.   For as I speak, so Julie types and through this pure energy I can relay the ponderous, weighing oppressions that weigh womanhood in this day.  Such is my sorrow to observe your beauty so weighted.  However, through your connection with these words of wisdom you will minutely discover a fissure of awakening.  

Persis, persist with full intention.  Negotiate with yourself that healing is good , that healing is fee and that it is a gift for you.  Awareness of your weighted behaviours that create negative energies can be changed.

Congratulations are bestowed from me to you and as I trust Julie to perform this task, so does she trust me.  Consequently you can trust these writings will inspire a glimmer until a full bloom of light and peace is attained for you.  This is your time so persist and negotiate to bring yourself onto your future course.

I will write again these words of encouragement for you, as change requires encouragement to persist.

With love, Athena.