Monday, December 13, 2010


The diet of one who is awakening and growing requires food that, in itself, grows freshly.  As, through digesting food that in itself grows, so does your body respond with fresh growth and you will feel satiated.  This in itself, is a wise dietary tool.
Foods that are compiled of modern technology, only stimulate the appetite for more.  Compiled foods are only a temporary solve for your appetite.  Fresh foods excite and stimulate your body.  Take it upon yourself to recognise your body’s response from ingesting fresh food compared to a compiled food.
Freshness in one’s sustenance, be it vegetable or animal, also requires you to prepare  food with focus and knowledge that you are about to sustain your own body.  This is an act of respect to your body that carries you through your life of growth.
So as you prepare your dietary intake, do so with care.  Consequently, with the meal you ingest your body will respond with vigour and health.
Wisdom from Athena

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