Monday, December 13, 2010


How does one see the wisdom in indecision?  To be indecisive around an issue is an exhibition that you are deliberating to either move forward or stay in the same place.
Naturally it is safe to stay in the same place for to move forward may entail an unfamiliar journey.  And an unfamiliar journey may be fraught with uncertainty, so you believe.  However, if you choose to move forward, you will grow and it is surely your intent to grow and embrace more.
So when your mind is impaled by indecision, know that you can move with the new.   Your growth is tantamount to your body and as you grow you will incur less indecision.  You will decide with increased intuition and positiveness, hence eliminating the agony of indecision.
So upon the next indecision, face the new and feel what needs to be decided.

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