Monday, December 13, 2010


This writing of wisdom is to relay to you my delight in observing your recognition at your own graceful growth.
For surely it has to be acknowledged that to have growth you must have endured.  And to endure is to become aware of pain.  For, from the pain and when in the pain, you observe an unattractive state and hence make an effort to move away from the pain.  In doing so you observe judgements you have placed around your realm – on a situation, on others.  You find the judgements weakening in your resolve and hence you become one with the realm or with the others.
You find yourself now at peace and free of negative feelings or fears.  You step forward, grateful to be free of the pain.  You now have the awareness of freedom.  Freedom that comes with growth.  I observe your delight in watching yourself recognise the climb up from pure pain to glorious growth.
I honour your fortitude and commitment to a more graceful way of living.
With love Athena.

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