Tuesday, December 7, 2010


At the conclusion of a meal, which is in within minutes because you have ingested avariciously, you will be left pondering what the food tasted like, what the food felt like.  Indeed, you will feel you require further sustenance.
If you likewise ingest wisdom with overt enthusiasm,  if you set strident intentions that you will forever remember and apply the wisdom, so too will you feel empty and confused in the wake of the wisdom.
Ingest the wisdom, as with the food, with careful ponderance.  Observe the corresponding reactions in your body as your mind, then your emotions absorb the new knowledge.  Wonder at how the wisdom settles gently within you.  Feel the small smile of awakening settle upon your lips.  Note the straightening of your shoulders and the delight of your next forward step.
In other words, be graceful and patient with all you ingest.  In this way so shall your digestion be full and satiated.  The nourishment will flood your being easily.
With love, Athena

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