Monday, December 13, 2010


So as you strive to achieve your well-found intentions, balance becomes precarious as with singular focus you place all energies to your own achievement.  Your god energy becomes dominant. 'To create balance between your god and goddess energy, turn a moment of your consciousness to the intentions of another, to another's striving.
Can you assist?  Have you been asked to assist?  Possibly yes, because as you exert the energies of enthusiasm you will attract to you another who is drawn to your positive vibrations.  This other will want to draw on your enthusiasm.
So give.  And as you give, be it momentarily diverting your energies , so shall you be given to.  And so shall the path be opened further for your own intentions to be met.  Giving,  for a moment in time, will bring your godddess energy into balance with your god energy.  Balance is created.  Peace is within.
Give and so shall you be given to.  These are my wisdoms to you.  Athena.

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