Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Dear Beloveds, so you are now recognising the need to alter that with which you fill your days.  Until now, it has met all your needs but now you are questing for change.  You are questing to allow the responsibility to pass on to those whom are destined for the role inevitably.  However, you, through your caring, through your organisational abilities, through your determination and creativity, have delayed the inevitable until you deemed they were fit.  Rest assured my beloved, they are fit and ready, not by your deeming, but by their own destiny.

And so as you have exhausted and efforted to pave the way for their success, so have you exhausted your own intentions.  Your pathway has been deviated and altered.  However, you now clearly recognise that this is your time to step off the bridge over which you have viewed all the progress of those around you.  Now you directly meet the demands of your own life.  You unfailingly now devote love and support to your personal growth, for this is truly your time.  

I honour the courage for you to recognise that this is the time.   This courage is courage borne by your desire to connect with your woman's wisdom.  You have now found the power and beauty of your inner wisdom, a glorious font of abundant creativity and foresight.

I shall laud and honour your evolvement.     Athena

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday 27 June 2010
So as we join this day, to commune together, this day of rest, so we join as one, as one human. We reconnoitre with loved ones, or associates in a cursory form. So is this a day for you to commune with the woman you are. This is your day where you can receive love in return for the love you have given out so assiduously during your working week.

This is a day for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour and rest in the comfort of all that you have created. And if you feel lonely this day, if you recognise fear that this day will endure with length, sadness, loneliness and boredom, so this is a time for you to retrain the activities with which you fill your working week.

If this day is lonely, so now do you need to embrace fresh opportunities during your working week. These fresh opportunities will bring pleasure to your next day of rest, with mortal company, or indeed will give you the satisfaction of memories to recount during this day of rest, as you look forward to the next working week and the fresh opportunity. And so the cycle will flow.

For loneliness is your body's way of reclaiming your attention that energy has been stifled and that you are blocking the desirabilitty of fresh vibrations to course through your body. So loneliness sits, increasingly monotonous, deep in your gut.

So now catapult yourself this day and surge towards a fresh opportunity, creating fresh energy, fresh waves of live. Renewed vigour and vitality. This will bring an attractiveness to your vibration that will in turn continue to attract fresher opportunities. And so the cycle will flow. This is important for this is the way of your growth out of complacency to open expansiveness.

Go forth my beloved, Athena.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So my beloveds. Is there are a god to whom you worship? Of mortal or immortal sense? This is so, this is human conditioning. But now ask yourself, Is there a goddess to whom you worship, of mortal or immortal sense?

You may well reply, There is a god, his is around me, he is in me.

And so where is the goddess? Are you surely not your own goddess to whom you worship, being around you and in you?

For your goddess side is who you are. It is the strength of your woman's wisdom and it is the strength to invite your god side for times of balance. That is, in your day you balance your goddess and god sides. There is a constant interplay to create balance in observations and emotions. However, if you are unaware of the perfection of your goddess side, or indeed even unaware of having your goddess around you and in you, then how unbalanced must you be if you focus on only the god energy?

So this day, connect with your goddess - your beauty, your intuition, your wisdom. Feel the balance of interplay as you move gently, henceforth, from being all god to the softness of goddess. Enjoy the softening of your emotions, the success of your intuitive decisions, the embracing of love on a feminine basis.

You are goddess. Use this with great clarity and enjoy the attraction of the god energy that will
attractively surround you.

With love, Goddess Athena

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So today we write again and speak of the unease of universal uncertainty. Uncertainty because women are looking for more. And as you look for more so that which you fill your days with, your occupation, becomes of questionable worth to you. Is this what you really want? Is this who you really are? Or is it some slight of fate that you find yourself counselling / selling / cooking? Take time and study the responses from your body as you move through that daily occupation. Yes, take time - quite a feat to just take TIME to listen to your body. What is happening in your body as you respond to a customer / to a child / to a partner? Does your body levitate or does your body deflate? If it deflates you will feel overwhelming tiredness, despondency.

So look at these negative emotions, emotions that make you feel sad. Ask yourself for what purpose you are doing the task. For self gratification? To make yourself feel important? For financial reward? For an opportunity to be busy?

Do you respond yes? If so, look at the effort you place around those questions. Ask yourself, do I receive joy from my occupation or do I receive satisfaction that I have been needed? If the latter, that you received satisfaction from being needed, then that is singularly destructive to you as a burgeoning woman.

You may well maintain the occupation, but do so without attachment of feeling that you have been needed. Instead, feel personal joy at your ability, at your glow of satisfaction. With any occupation, serve yourself first and foremost. If not, the occupation will take energy from you and so you become immersed in overwhelmment and negative emotions.

Any occupation can be achieved if you intend to complete the process for your personal joy. This is important as this will enable you to grow in all you do. Some occupations are not your ultimate choice but they are the destiny, that is, they are part of what you must work at and endure to proceed fully on your journey - trust in this process.

Remain in joy, observe the feeling of joy in your body, the glow of satisfaction that it brings.

Go well, take time. With love, Athena.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday 22 June 2010

So my beloveds, this day I speak of the pain of hostility in the relationships you hold most dear and the angry passion with which you react creating tornadoes of despair and pushing away that which you yearn for most - to love and be loved. Your humanness has expectations for perfectionism. And as you yearn for this so called perfectionism, you strive valiantly and consequently push aside all the fun and spontaneity you acummulatively desire.

So why self persecute that which you yearn for most - to love and be loved.? Recognise the efforting required for all to be swimmingly well. See that desire for what it is, which is materialism and perfectionism. Drop away these ardent foolishnesses and look deeper, look behind the petty frustration. Drop your head, drop into what is of real value. Feel the love flood back in. Drop your ego and pride, see them as the single barriers preventing you to be bountiful daily in love.

You are alive and seeking abundance, so move towards that. Drop away the human expectations of always wanting more.

If that is what you desire, greater abundance of wealth, health, love, then move forward with love, dropping away the angry barriers of pettiness. Then so shall you receive that abundance. Be aware, that to move forward with trust is love and of love there is limitless abundance - so shall the circle continue, like a whirlwind bringing it all to you. For it has never gone away, it is you who has forgotten how to see it.

Goddess Athena, with love and admiration