Tuesday, December 7, 2010


How can you suggest that it is the actions of another that have caused you to be intolerant?  Who are you to suggest that another can create intolerance in you?  This is surely prideful behaviour and you are deemed to magnify your own glory if you believe and absorb such self pity.  The time is now for you to stand aside from your glorified intolerance or self pity, suggesting that another has made you intolerant.
You will observe in your objectiveness that the intolerance is only conjugated by yourself.  It is your own levels of emotions that you are exhausting.  And you feel fragile.  This is unpleasant and hence, in your humanness you blame another.   Whereas you now observe it is your own exhausted efforting that has made you feel intolerable of yourself.
This is so.  So easily can you become aware, alter and be free of the intolerance. by ceasing the effort.  Recognise when you are intolerant that you are in fact intolerant of your own behaviour.  Be it your boundaries, your values, your energies that you are exhausting.
Yes, you will smile and you will feel humour at how you have accused another of causing you to be intolerant.  Laugh and love this wonderful understanding you have gained of yourself.  I honour your wisdom.  With love, Athena

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