Monday, December 13, 2010


This day is about the soul of you.  Soul, in that today of all days you do what you feel needs to be given to your soul.
You will have commenced with a quota of expectations to be met.  However, as you face the quota, your body rejects the anticipated work and instead you feel  weariness.
So, trust that the weariness is a gentle cloak, wrapping itself around you.  And what do you anticipate doing with the  weariness?  Your human-ness would be to surge forward to complete the quota.  But your soul asks for you to just be.  So as you surrender you will be delighted to discover what you do, in actuality, achieve.  The achievements will be different to your quota.   But it will be fulfilling, restful and restorative to you.  And upon your next awakening you will have renewed energy and focus.  Delight will be recognised as you meet  the quota from the yesterday.
Experience this joy of your soul’s wisdom.  Athena

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