Monday, December 13, 2010


How to know when you are  in love?  This is a ponderous question exhausted by your modern  analytical mind.
It is about feeling the love.  If you complicate the feeling by over-thinking then how can you feel?   For love is a pure vibration that is to be felt.  It complicates a  natural feeling by the unnatural thinking of,  “do I love, is this love”.
This complication shows that the human nature is out of balance.  That there is too much thinking in your day.  So it is an easy solution to each day, stop and feel a decision.  Your thinking mind will challenge you, naturally, but it is now a matter of training your feelings to be allowed to come to the fore.  As you start to feel more, so shall more chemicals of a healthy nature be released in your body.  Hence creating well being.
Feel the love, be the love, honour the love.  Become the bloom of when love is felt.
With love, Athena

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