Tuesday, December 7, 2010


You have been confronted by another.  It is your humanness that now steps in with rhetoric, exhaustive communication, the bitterness  of combat, which all fuels the confrontation.   You believe this is strength and courage for you to combat so effectively.  But now observe that the confrontation is opportunity for you to resist combat, and instead for you to use strength and courage to face yourself.  With strength and courage face yourself and recognise the other's behaviours in yourself.  Take strength and courage at this point for immediately you will refute all blame or involvement.  Instead, your humanness will collaborate with injustice, cruelty.  Gently open to seeing beyond the confrontation, lay down the weapons and attain peace by facing  with strength and courage your own part in the confrontation, knowing, by the discretion of energy flow, for you to be receiving this behaviour you have given it out at some stage.  Be grand, be bigger than rhetoric and bitternesss.
You have evolved to a fine negotiator.  You have empowered yourself and kept grounded instead of taking flight.    Athena

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