Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Time is not a an asset to be measured by counting minutes.  Indeed, time is a commodity of one who trusts there will always be an opportunity to achieve that which is intended to be achieved for that moment in time.
For it is your nature to commit yourself to the knowledge that there is "no time".  But indeed, that is just your expectation that you must achieve many things that you consider desirable to be achieved.  However,  it is one thing to have clear intentions and another to cram intentions.  You can observe that it is desirable to achieve one or many things and then with trust observe which or how many of these intentions are accomplished.  And as you take away the effort to achieve all intentions, you will observe that what does actually occur, is all that is needed to be achieved in the first instance.
So quantify time as a fact that you have considered it is time to trust that an intention will be achieved.  And to trust that if your intention is not achieved, then  has its non achievement been detrimental to your growth here or in the future?  Observe this.   Understand this and note all the time you will now have and all the intentions that will be achieved.  A grand secret to free you of the greatest demands of your humankind.

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