Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Friend, this grief will overwhelm you if you connect with it in this way.  For the grief is the loss you feel of expectations you had planned.  You feel cheated from the happy course you were on and you now feel angry, depleted, fearful because the happiness has disappeared from all you do.  And no longer can you associate with the former happier times.
Knowing now, that grief is to cause you  ponderance of where to from here.  Where to, to discover new posssibilities.  New possibilities that from which you would have been denied if you had clung to the grief.  New possibilities that would have remained unknown had not the grief occurred.
So know that there is possibility of growth for you as you step aside from the grief.  Your body will do all it can to cling to the cloak of grief but your spirit will arise and encourage you to step aside and lift your hope.
Women have arisen from grief to become all woman and all encompassing of the wide magnitude of life’s possibilities.  Go forth.  Love the grief, hold it dear, but step into possibilities.  These are here for you, there is a way forward for you.  I will guide you.  I shall be watching.  With love, Athena

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