Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Woman, although adornment is often scoffed in your realm, be aware with your wisdom, that adornment is also cloaking yourself in armour.   The armour is the equipment with which you step forth into your role.  As you adorn yourself in the attire, energetically you embrace the role you have chosen to perform.  And with this cloak of adornment, those around you are able to interpret your intent.
So it is important that you give grave consideration to your adornment for the role you are to perform.  It is equally important that care is taken to interpret the attire for your body and visage.  When care is taken,  positive intention is in place.  To embellish yourself with “just anything” implies you expect results of “just anything”.   However, when one observes a goddess in carefully adorned attire, one is equally aware of the serious intention and successful outcome of the goddess’s work.
So each and every moment, adorn yourself.  As you adorn your body so too are you adorning the outcome you desire from your day’s intention.
Have confidence and stand in your grace as you approach the daily adornment.    As do I cloak myself with garb fitting to inspire women to find their goddess side.      With love,  Athena.

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