Thursday, January 13, 2011


You have been confronted by another.  It is your humanness that now steps in with rhetoric, exhaustive communication, the bitterness  of combat, which all fuels the confrontation.   You believe this is strength and courage for you to combat so effectively.  But now observe that the confrontation is opportunity for you to resist combat, and instead for you to use strength and courage to face yourself.  With strength and courage face yourself and recognise the other's behaviours in yourself.  Take strength and courage at this point for immediately you will refute all blame or involvement.  Instead, your humanness will collaborate with injustice, cruelty.  Gently open to seeing beyond the confrontation, lay down the weapons and attain peace by facing  with strength and courage your own part in the confrontation, knowing, by the discretion of energy flow, for you to be receiving this behaviour you have given it out at some stage.  Be grand, be bigger than rhetoric and bitternesss.
You have evolved to a fine negotiator.  You have empowered yourself and kept grounded instead of taking flight.    Athena


In times of stress and the attitudes of busyness, so then do you retire from connecting with your spirit.  And the more dedicated to your stress you become the further you remove from your spirit.  And then, as is with human nature, being disconnected from your spirit, so then do you fall into further stress, harming your body.
For it is only a moment to connect with spirit, be it at the opening of day or at the closing of day.  And in that moment of connection with your spirit, you will be greatly empowered, further energised and bountifully focussed on the task to which you are dedicated.  It is your nature to say "There is no time", "I am too busy".  But to be too busy to connect with spirit is equivalent to ceasing to place fuel into your mode of transport.  Your transport will falter and stop.  As too will you should you disconnect even for a day, from spirit.
So stop, stop for a second, absorb spirit, re-fuel and embrace life free of stress.  So simple, so successful.  Athena


What a glorious time for you to discover that you are indeed in peace albeit that all around you is overwelmingly busy, demanding, confusing and pressured.  Know that, at some previous stage, you connected with peace, and so  did your body enjoy the respite to dwell in peace in favour of you choosing to dwell in stress.  And as your body so enjoyed the feeling of peace amongst the pressures, you now find you continue to dwell in peace.  What glory you find to discover that energy is saved amongst the pressures in a time where you would once have been tired, angry, resistant and negative.

So know now how quickly your body will latch on to that which is of benefit to you.  Your body alone knows what you need so now you can trust in your greatest ally, your body and its wisdom of choices.

Glorious peace and freedom to you,  with love,   Athena.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Friend, this grief will overwhelm you if you connect with it in this way.  For the grief is the loss you feel of expectations you had planned.  You feel cheated from the happy course you were on and you now feel angry, depleted, fearful because the happiness has disappeared from all you do.  And no longer can you associate with the former happier times.
Knowing now, that grief is to cause you  ponderance of where to from here.  Where to, to discover new posssibilities.  New possibilities that from which you would have been denied if you had clung to the grief.  New possibilities that would have remained unknown had not the grief occurred.
So know that there is possibility of growth for you as you step aside from the grief.  Your body will do all it can to cling to the cloak of grief but your spirit will arise and encourage you to step aside and lift your hope.
Women have arisen from grief to become all woman and all encompassing of the wide magnitude of life’s possibilities.  Go forth.  Love the grief, hold it dear, but step into possibilities.  These are here for you, there is a way forward for you.  I will guide you.  I shall be watching.  With love, Athena


Dear Woman, although adornment is often scoffed in your realm, be aware with your wisdom, that adornment is also cloaking yourself in armour.   The armour is the equipment with which you step forth into your role.  As you adorn yourself in the attire, energetically you embrace the role you have chosen to perform.  And with this cloak of adornment, those around you are able to interpret your intent.
So it is important that you give grave consideration to your adornment for the role you are to perform.  It is equally important that care is taken to interpret the attire for your body and visage.  When care is taken,  positive intention is in place.  To embellish yourself with “just anything” implies you expect results of “just anything”.   However, when one observes a goddess in carefully adorned attire, one is equally aware of the serious intention and successful outcome of the goddess’s work.
So each and every moment, adorn yourself.  As you adorn your body so too are you adorning the outcome you desire from your day’s intention.
Have confidence and stand in your grace as you approach the daily adornment.    As do I cloak myself with garb fitting to inspire women to find their goddess side.      With love,  Athena.


This writing of wisdom is to relay to you my delight in observing your recognition at your own graceful growth.
For surely it has to be acknowledged that to have growth you must have endured.  And to endure is to become aware of pain.  For, from the pain and when in the pain, you observe an unattractive state and hence make an effort to move away from the pain.  In doing so you observe judgements you have placed around your realm – on a situation, on others.  You find the judgements weakening in your resolve and hence you become one with the realm or with the others.
You find yourself now at peace and free of negative feelings or fears.  You step forward, grateful to be free of the pain.  You now have the awareness of freedom.  Freedom that comes with growth.  I observe your delight in watching yourself recognise the climb up from pure pain to glorious growth.
I honour your fortitude and commitment to a more graceful way of living.
With love Athena.


How does one see the wisdom in indecision?  To be indecisive around an issue is an exhibition that you are deliberating to either move forward or stay in the same place.
Naturally it is safe to stay in the same place for to move forward may entail an unfamiliar journey.  And an unfamiliar journey may be fraught with uncertainty, so you believe.  However, if you choose to move forward, you will grow and it is surely your intent to grow and embrace more.
So when your mind is impaled by indecision, know that you can move with the new.   Your growth is tantamount to your body and as you grow you will incur less indecision.  You will decide with increased intuition and positiveness, hence eliminating the agony of indecision.
So upon the next indecision, face the new and feel what needs to be decided.