Thursday, January 13, 2011


In times of stress and the attitudes of busyness, so then do you retire from connecting with your spirit.  And the more dedicated to your stress you become the further you remove from your spirit.  And then, as is with human nature, being disconnected from your spirit, so then do you fall into further stress, harming your body.
For it is only a moment to connect with spirit, be it at the opening of day or at the closing of day.  And in that moment of connection with your spirit, you will be greatly empowered, further energised and bountifully focussed on the task to which you are dedicated.  It is your nature to say "There is no time", "I am too busy".  But to be too busy to connect with spirit is equivalent to ceasing to place fuel into your mode of transport.  Your transport will falter and stop.  As too will you should you disconnect even for a day, from spirit.
So stop, stop for a second, absorb spirit, re-fuel and embrace life free of stress.  So simple, so successful.  Athena

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